Our Focus

learning ecosystem design

Deliver online, facilitate face to face, improve performance with job aides, flip workshops and record compliance.


Find information intuitively from anywhere, anytime. Design elearning that responds to screen size and presents information that adapts to different devices – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Provide a platform for people to network and share knowledge – engaging, organic and inspirational.


Scenario based learning plunges people into real world situations, simulates human interactions, demonstrates consequences and provides immediate feedback.


LMS Implementation and Instructional Design
Project Mgmt.: AGILE

People learn using tools and resources; experience and practice; self study and research; networking and social interaction; guidance from experts and observing others. When implementing the LMS or designing elearning we apply the design process to choose how to use the technology, content and experts available. Business needs, learner profiles and the learning environment are all taken into account when going through our proven process.

  • Analysis & Design

    What do people need to do to meet a business goal? Is the change to do with motivation, skill level, knowledge or environment? The solution may combine improvement of staff performance, productivity and efficiency with the provision for more opportunities to access experts, build networks, share knowledge and meet compliance requirements through structured training.

  • Development

    Using a continuous improvement model the development of elearning assets and the implementation of LMS features follows a practised production process. Media rich, visually branded, immersive and engaging.

  • Implementation

    Ownership of the platform and learning experience belongs to the organisation. The solution supports organic growth via continuous interactions between individuals, groups and the organisation.

  • Evaluation

    Has the business goal been met? Are there new goals? How do we adjust the learning ecosystem or learning experience to serve the organisation better? Are you ready for the next sprint?

Our Team

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Blue and tan Kelpie
With only three legs Ashley knows what hard work is, and she loves it! First to the office in the morning, she curls up on her chair and monitors the computer and and conference video calls throughout the day. This working dog is one little powerhouse of amazing.
Shar Keshi
eLearning Instructional Design Specialist
Design, media and education are her passions and Shar can lose her hours in front of the screen perfecting elearning designs. If she is not on the computer Shar is turning down that gravel track on her bike, playing with and training her two Kelpies or zooming up the highway on her motorbike. Not too old to whoop with delight, nor too shy either Shar loves life and works hard.
Fawn and tan Kelpie
Ashley’s little sister, Gypsy takes advantage four extra kilos, one extra leg and all of Ashley’s leadership. Gypsy paces herself chewing dog treats and toys until 30 minutes before knock-off time. Then it is Gypsy’s job to remind the team a run around the park is needed before cracking open a beer.

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